Electronic Chart Display & Information System

The Danelec Marine DM800 ECDIS is the larger member of the Danelec Marine ECDIS family. Equipped with 12 serial channels and 4 Ethernet ports, it offers the capacity for fully redundant operation in an ECDIS cluster with two or more ECDIS units, as well as in systems with a high number of sensor inputs. In order to secure system stability, the DM800 ECDIS controls network and serial data traffic by means of a dedicated front-end computer. This ensures uninterrupted communication even during restart of the DM800 unit. The DM800 ECDIS is fully interoperable with the DM700 ECDIS unit as well as with other DM800 ECDIS units, in clusters with up to four ECDIS units.

DM800 ECDIS Main Unit
Linux based ECDIS computer with 32 GB SSD
12 serial channels (10 x IEC 61162-1, 2 x IEC 61162-2)
4 Ethernet ports (100BASE-TX, RJ45)
8 USB ports (USB 2.0)
AC power (110-230V, 50-60Hz)
Supplied with ECDIS Alarm Panel and USB Hardware Key
Type approved for use without Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The Danelec ECDIS range is Wheelmark approved by DNV GL, and complies with all applicable IMO requirements defined in MSC.232(82), as well as the revised IEC and IHO performance standards mandatory for all new and existing ECDIS installations by August 2017.

Featuring the smallest, most compact ECDIS system available on the market, Danelec ECDIS products offer the same high quality and reliability already known from our VDR platform, together with an unmatched flexibility for easy installation on all bridges.

Our broad and flexible Danelec ECDIS product range is built on one technology platform, providing the most compelling ECDIS retrofit solution, through several alternatives to suit every need:


  • Compact, application-specific ECDIS hardware options with essential or enhanced features
  • A range of Danish manufactured monitors available in three sizes (19”, 24”, 27”)
  • Multiple keyboard choices with several mounting possibilities
  • Standalone application or console installation options