Navtracker - full control and always compliant
To simplify the administration of charts and publications NAVTOR offers a software solution that provides both the crew on board and management onshore with access to the latest versions of required ENCs, the newest reports and up-to-the-minute tracking of individual vessels and entire fleet movements. ​
Track, report and manage with NavTracker
NAVTOR's innovative software solution is an easy way to track, report and manage vessel and fleet movement, chart usage and chart update history. It ensures full overview of chart usage, chart update history, vessel tracking and service management for navigators on board and ship management on shore.

The software is available as PC software and a mobile app, and is included with the subscription to NAVTOR’s ENC Services.


Keeping track​ of vessel and fleet

With this user-friendly e-Navigation service, both navigators and ship management get full control and overview of chart usage, chart update history, vessel tracking and service management, in addition to a free three-day weather prediction service.

The software also gives users a simple way to generate various reports – both for individual vessels and entire company fleets. Examples of available reports include data updates, cost reports, vessel status reports, active products and subscriptions, detailed ADP and e-NP holdings for all fleet vessels and Operational Reports giving an overview of actual speed over ground (SOG), course over ground (COG) and total distance and time.
NavStation on PC, tablet and smartphone
The software is available as PC software, as well as app for tablet and mobile.