Marine Radar BR-3210

The BR-3210/BR-2560 MARINE RADAR conforms with the latest International rules and regulations. In addition to superb user interface via the Operation Unit trackball and buttons, target detection performance and related functions have been improved. Also, a new high resolution easy-to-see 26 inch wide LCD display (for the BR-3210 series) has been introduced which enhances safe efficient navigation.


  • Improved target detection performance
    With the latest high-performance signal processing technology, small target detection during heavy weather has been improved.
  • Enhanced target functions
    TT is processed in the background and the corresponding vectors are displayed immediately after its acqusition.
    ( Maximum 100 targets)AIS( Active) maximum 500 targets.
  • Outstanding operation
    Basic operation is very simple using only the 2 inch trackball and button.Software keys for frequently used functions are arranged around the PPI.
  • 26 inch wide LCD display(WUXGA 1920×1200) for BR-3210
    With the 2nd PPI window, short range and long range images can be displayed simultaneously.
    Voyage Data (Wind direction/Wind speed,Tides etc.) can be shown by switching to a wide information window.
    When an alert is activated, the probable cause and checkpoints are shown on the display.
  • Complete RADAR lineup
    S band Solid State RADAR has been added to the lineup.
    2 unit / 3 unit, stand alone type Interswitch( Optional:4 Display Unit/8 Display Unit)
    Display can be arranged as STAND type or UNIT type. UNIT type can be adjusted for the installation location.