Green Gas Engine for marine

Green Gas Engine for marine

Kawasaki developed marine pure gas engine, Kawasaki Green Gas Engine, model L30KG series by original standout technology. It can effectively reduce the amount of NOx to comply with IMO (International Maritime Organization) TierIII regulation to go into effect in 2016, and minimizes CO2 by lean-burn technology.


  • NOx emissions less than 1.0g/kwh (well below the limitation of IMO NOx TierIII)
  • CO2 emissions 20% less than fuel oil use
  • Sulphur free by LNG


  • Lowest SFGC(Specific Fuel Gas Consumption) as 7200kJ/kWh
    1. Based on ISO3046, without attached pumps.
    2. With VTA turbocharger, applying Kawasaki specified lub. oil and tolerance for warranty +5%

Various applications

  • For power generation
  • For mechanical drive with controllable pitch propeller
  • For hybrid drive

Package with Kawasaki’s propulsions machinery

  • With Controllable Pitch Propeller, Azimuth Thruster


Engine Lineup

Engine model 6L30KG 8L30KG 9L30KG
Bore mm 300
Stroke mm 480
Speed rpm 750
Power kW 2,670 3,560 4,005
SFGC kJ/kWh  7,200
Weight ton 33  42  47

Engine Outline (6L30KG)