High-end Fish Finder with new amazing IDENTI-FISH™ function!

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IDENTI-FISH TruEcho CHIRP technology FURUNO Digital Filter Auto Tuning (Sensitivity)


  • 3 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder

  • New IDENTI-FISH™ function consists of an echo display and a graphic histogram.

    IDENTI-FISH™ echo display

    The IDENTI-FISHTM echo display is a combined echogram of high and low frequency echo.

    This mode allows you to visualize a difference of the echo between swim bladder fish and swim-bladderless fish.


    When the color of echo is red-brown on the IDENTI-FISHTM echo display, you will be able to deduce that it is a school of fish with swim bladder like herring. On the other hand, if it is light green colored echo, you can assume it is probably swim-bladderless fish like Atlantic mackerel, as shown in the screenshot below.


    The IDENTI-FISHTM echo function displays echoes with different color depending on the fish species so that you can quickly identify the species and their distribution even when mixed together.



    The following picture shows that the FSS-3BB is capable of identifying swim-bladderless fish. In this example, the Atlantic mackerel echo is displayed in light green.

    IDENTI-FISH™ histogram graph


    The IDENTI-FISHTM graph compares the histograms of the school of fish within the measurement range with the model data, and indicates the similarity of fish species by numerical values and bar graphs. The default model data saved to the system are Atlantic mackerel and herring. You can add new fish species in the model data and create own reference curves for any fish species. Two areas of the echogram can be measured and analyzed simultaneously.




    In the upper right example, the yellow line represents a reference curve of Atlantic mackerel. The red line represents a reference curve of herring. The blue line shows actual echo distribution pattern as measured in the selected area on the IDENTI-FISHTM echo display. The blue line is almost identical to the red line which is a reference curve of herring, and the degree of similarity indicates herring with 98% accuracy, you can therefore assume, with a high level of confidence, that it is indeed a school of herring.


    The combination of the IDENTI-FISHTM echo display and the histogram graph is useful for distinguishing fish species. The FSS-3BB can be customized as a dedicated fish finder for each user with this unique function.

  • Accurate fish size measurements in easy-to-understand graph form*

    The FSS-3BB measures the size and distribution of fish in the selected school, and displays this information in a graph that can be understood at a glance. TruEcho CHIRP™ technology has improved the accuracy and reliability of fish size measurements and graphs (max.3). This function allows you to compare and analyze the size of fish and the density of schools, which are key data when aiming for fish of a particular size.


    * Fish length is a reference value calculated from reflection intensity. Compatible transducer is required.


    The FSS-3BB has four methods of fish size measurement. You can select your favorite measurement method from InstantAccess barTM by just clicking on the menu button.

  • Simultaneous transmission

    The echo-update rate is doubled by applying simultaneous transmission, which provides more rich presentation of school of fish.


  • Overlay of depth line by connecting net sensor

    Net sensor information can be shown on the display*.


    * Compatible models are TE-155 (Marport), TS-337A (Imaginex) and ITI System (Simrad).

  • Screenshots and echo data can be recorded and play back

    A maximum of 999 screenshots can be saved on the processor unit. You can also replay the echo display at any time if you wish to see it again. This is helpful in comparing the sizes of schools of fish. For external memory devices*, the number of files that can be saved depends on the capacity of the device.

    * Option

  • Easy and quick operation

    The screen header also contains Range, Shift, Sensitivity, Image Feed and Display Mode menus. These functions can be accessed immediately and adjusted by just turning the wheel in the control unit.


    The FSS-3BB can be operated easily and quickly with its trackball controller.


    Other functions can also be accessed immediately from the InstantAccess barTM. Up to 10 functions can be added to the InstantAccess barTM.

  • Dual monitor installation is available.

    Photo: 19" Marine Display MU-190HD (customer supply)
    Left: High/low frequency echo display
    Right: IDENTI-FISHTM echo display
  • Constant and stable display of echoes is achievable with the use of the heave offset function.

    * SATELLITE COMPASSTM is required.
  • Geographical location of schools of fish can be output to connected navigational equipment.

  • Separate processor unit and transceiver unit allow installation in large size ships.



Pixel number
1920x1200 (WUXGA), 1920x1080 (FHD), 1600x1200 (UXGA), 1024x1280 (SXGA), 1024x768 (XGA)


15 to 242 kHz nominal
Output power: 1 to 3 kW
Transmitting method: Dual simultaneously
Transmitting mode: CW/FM
Range Scale
5 to 3000 m
(Expand range: 5 to 2000 m max.)
Display Mode
High/Low frequency single, Dual frequency, Discrimination
Zoom mode: Bottom-lock expansion, Bottom zoom, Marker zoom, Discrimination zoom
Range Shift
2000m max.


Processor/transceiver unit: IP22
Control unit: IP22 (IPx0: USB cover opened)
Power Supply
Processor unit: 12-24 VDC, 4.0-2.0 A
Transceiver unit: 12-24 VDC, 8.3-4.1 A (St-by: 0.79-0.46 A)
Rectifier: 100/110/115/220/230 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
Processor unit FSS-301: 7.6 kg 16.8 lb
Transceiver unit FSS-302: 10 kg 22 lb
DVI/USB repeater TM000-FDX06 TX/RX: 1.4 kg 3.1 lb
Trackball control unit RCU-026:
Tabletop mount 1.4 kg 3.1 lb
Flush mount 1.5 kg 3.3 lb
Fixture mount 1.5 kg 3.3 lb



Interconnection Diagram

Equipment List


  • Processor unit FSS-3011 unit
  • Transceiver unit FSS-3021 unit
  • Trackball control unit RCU-0261 unit
  • Installation materials


  • CHIRP TransducerCM265LHG 1 kW/1 kW with 12 m cable: Fish size graph and IDENTI-FISH™ function are available.
    CM265LM 1 kW/1 kW with 12 m cable
    CM275LHW 1 kW/1 kW with 12 m cable
    CM599LHG 3 kW/2kW with 15 m cable: Fish size graph and IDENTI-FISH™ function are available.
    CM599LM 3 kW/2 kW with 15 m cable
    CM599LHW 3 kW/1 kW with 15 m cable
    PM111LHG 2 kW/2 kW with 15 m cable: Fish size graph is available
    PM111LM 2 kW/2 kW with 15 m cable
    PM411LWM 2 kW/2 kW with 15 m cable
  • Trackball control unit RCU-026
  • Rectifier unit RU-1746B-2
  • DVI/USB repeater TM000-FDX06 (TXRX_30M, 50M, 100M, TXRX, RX, TX)
  • Flush mount OP24-27 (for RCU-026)
  • Cable assembly
  • Extension cable (for transducer)
  • Installation materials