Photos of Deep Sea Projects

The starting point for safe navigation!

Every ship that is built with big effort and patience is a great experience and acquisition for the sector, and contribution for the economy of the country. Production and employement are the main values of ship construction sector.

Combining its know-how and experience with this understanding, Özsay New Building department provides qualified service solutions to ship construction sector. With ‘’First human being’’ philosophy  we provide all necessary trainings to our employes, and then deliver continuous and right service to our customers.

With our well experienced office and area stuff we provide continuous support, starting from the preparation of drawings of the project, to delivery of equipment to shipyard; from cable laying, installation, and putting into service, to approvals from class society and delivery of the ship to the owner.

Our company that built more than 400 completely different types of new constructed ships increases its experience with special type ships every passing day.


Security in the sea means knowledge and experience. In order to reach the targets with right beginnings our stuff will always be with you!

Deep Sea Projects Photo Gallery